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        When Ginny Neil is not slogging through a marsh trying to spot spring peepers, crawling around on a barn floor looking for owl pellets, or chasing errant sheep across mountains and meadows, she manages an Outdoor Learning Lab, teaches STEM to elementary and middle school students, and writes about all the things and people that make the Earth such a fun and fascinating place to live.

          She lives on and works the family farm with her husband, two grown sons and their families, and too many dogs, horses, cats, chickens, sheep and cows to count.  A life full of animals, both wild and tame, creates endless opportunities for adventures and misadventures which lead to articles, art, stories and picture books. She has won regional prizes for her watercolors, and her prose and poetry have been published in Highlights for Children, Nature Friend, Grit, Country Living, and Blue Ridge Country Magazine. She is currently represented by Lisa Amstutz at Storm Literary.

     In addition to being honored with the National Education Foundation’s Teacher of Excellence Award for her expertise, creativity and innovation as a teacher, Ginny is a Master Naturalist, a long-time blogger, a PAL member of SCBWI and a grateful writer who critiques long distance with friends found through her membership in 12x12.

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Hello and welcome!

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     I have been falling into puddles and getting dirty most of my life.  And I did some crazy things when I was little-- like eating dog doo when I was two. I also sprinkled sand on Fritos to see if it tasted like salt (it didn’t), tried to dig a hole all the way to China (I couldn’t), swallowed a quarter and stuck a fake gemstone up my nose.  I was always exploring mud-puddles, picking up bugs and examining the world around me. 

     Now, I'm a teacher, writer, artist and farmer. I love the natural world and sharing what I've learned about it. I hope the things I write and draw will help you to love it, too.

     I really enjoyed school. I was a nerd. I liked the friendships, and being Miss Spring in the third grade play, but I also liked all the cool stuff I was learning. I even played school with my brother and sister in my free time. My sister was older, so she always got to be principal and my younger brother was always the student.  I was the teacher. My favorite part was writing on the chalkboard and sending my brother to the principal. 

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